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"AIM25 uses subject terms taken from the UNESCO thesaurus, with the inclusion of terms at a more detailed level or for cross referring purposes from other thesauri where appropriate. These include, for instance, terms from Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and the Australian Human Services and Health Thesaurus (HSH). The AIM25 version of the UNESCO Thesaurus also includes more specialised subject terms contributed by AIM25 repositories, the Public Record Office, the AIM25 Project team, the British Education Thesaurus, Library of Congress subject terms, and the SOAS Missionary thesaurus, where they are considered to be helpful in locating descriptions. The provenance of subject terms is marked against each term in the alphabetical or hierarchical lists. For example UNESCO terms are marked with a [U] and AIM25 added terms are marked with [A]. Personal and corporate names are formulated according to the Rules for the construction of personal, place and corporate names developed and published by the UK National Council on Archives (1997). Place names are fitted into the country groupings given in section 7 of the UNESCO Thesaurus, with the addition of Seas, Oceans and Arctic Regions. Descriptions are also indexed by subjects and by names of persons, corporate organizations, and places associated with the description and these indexing terms or 'index entries' are listed at the end of each description. Subject thesaurus and Name index assisted searching uses these index entries. The index entries are limited to those available in the database, so they guarantee at least one hit on a relevant description."

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