Name Links
CMS Ontology "An ontology to represent the content management systems and their interaction with the triplestore...
Core Concepts Ontology "The generic BBC ontology for people, places,events, organisations, themes which represent things that make sense across the BBC...
Provenance Ontology "The provenance ontology supports data management and auditing tasks...
Storyline Ontology "The News Storyline Ontology is a generic model for describing and organising the stories news organisations tell...
BioPAX "BioPAX is a standard language that aims to enable integration, exchange, visualization and analysis of biological pathway data...
CERIF "CERIF is: A concept about research entities and their relationships – Specification (Conceptual Level); A description of research entities and their relationships – Model (Logical Level); A formalization of research entities and their relationships – Database Scripts (Physical Level)...
COGS "The growing availability of data on the Web provided by Web 2.0 applications and, more recently through Linked Data, brought the computational pattern expressed as ETL to reemerge in a scenario with additional complexity, where the number of data sources and the data heterogeneity that needs to be supported by ETL drastically increases...
SAN (Semantic Actuator Network)
Accomodation Ontology
Basic Access Control ontology
ACM Classification Ontology
Agent Certification Ontology
Asset Description Metadata Schema
Audio Features Ontology
AGLS Metadata Terms
Agent Relationship Ontology
Academic Institution Internal Structure Ontology
Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS) Vocabulary
AKT Reference Ontology
AKT Support Ontology
Algorithms Ontology
OSLC Asset Management Vocabulary
Association Ontology
Appearances Ontology Specification
Linked Data API Vocabulary
The vocabulary for Co-creation Events based on Open Data
Archival collections ontology
Atom Syndication Ontology
Ontology for Meteorological sensors
Basic registrations addresses and buildings vocabulary (BAG) The Basic Registration of Addresses and Buildings (BAG) is part of the government system of basic registrations...
OWL representation of ISO 19103 (Basic types package)
Brain Computing Interface (BCI) Ontology
OntoMedia Being Representation
BEVON: Beverage Ontology
The Bibliographic Ontology
BibTeX ontology
BIO: A vocabulary for biographical information
Biological Taxonomy Vocabulary 0.2 (Core)
The Bibliographic Reference Ontology
British Library Terms RDF schema (blt) British Library Terms is a small vocabulary complementing existing bibliographic schemas....
Biological Taxonomy Vocabulary 0.2 (Botany)
Brainstorm Ontology
Call for Anything vocabulary
C4O, the Citation Counting and Context Characterization Ontology
Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification
Comic Book Ontology The Comic Book Ontology is a metadata vocabulary for describing comic books and comic book collections...
Creative Commons Rights Expression Language
Cognitive Characteristics Ontology
Conceptual Depth and Momentum
The Collection Description Type Namespace
Consumer Electronics Ontology
The Cert Ontology
Climate and Forecast (CF) features
Climate and Forecast (CF) standard names parameter vocabulary
Corporate Financial Reports and Loans Ontology
Central Government Ontology
The OMRAS2 Chord Ontology
Functions of Citations
Cinelab ontology
The Collection Description Terms
Conceptual Model Ontology
Representing Content in RDF
Counter Ontology
'Configuration as Linked Data' ontology
Collections Ontology
Vocabulary related to incident communication
Conversion Ontology
Car Options Ontology
Content Pattern Annotations
Copyright Ontology
ReSIST Courseware Ontology
Constraint Satisfaction Problems Vocabulary
CSV on the Web Vocabulary
Connectivity types
Common Tag Vocabulary
Vocabulario de la estructura de organismos públicos
Context Descriptor Pattern
D2RQ - Language Specification
Dataset Dynamics (dady) vocabulary
Document Availability Information Ontology
Dataset Quality Vocabulary
OntoMedia Date Part Representation
Linked Datex II
DBM Ontology
Relational to Ontology Mapping Primitive
The DBpedia Ontology
DCMI Abstract Model
The DataCite Ontology
NDL Metadata Terms
DCMI Type Vocabulary
Decision ontology
Dem@Care Lab Ontology for Dementia Assessment
The Discourse Elements Ontology
DOAP Dependencies
Healthcare metadata - DICOM ontology "Ontology for healthcare metadata - especially metadata found in DICOM files (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, see http://dicom.nema.org/)."...
The Design Intent Ontology "The Design Intent Ontology (DIO) is a generic ontology that provides the conceptualisation needed to capture the knowledge generated during various phases of the overall design lifecycle...
DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary
DITA RDF ontology
DM2E model
Description of a Project vocabulary
Works, licences, derivatives and dependencies
DoCO, the Document Components Ontology
Document Service Ontology
Ontology Modeling for Intelligent Domotic Environments
Data Provider Node ontology
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Data quality package)
The Data Quality Constraints Library
The Data Quality Management Vocabulary
Discourse relationships vocabulary
Data Reference Model
Dataset Catalog Vocabulary "This vocabulary is used for modelling catalogs of datasets and its relationships with the datasets."...
DSNotify Eventsets: A vocabulary for change events in linked data sources
Data Structure Ontology
Datatype Ontology
DOLCE+DnS Ultralite DOLCE is an upper ontology developed and maintained by the ISTC-CNR Laboratory for Applied Ontology in the context of the WonderWeb EU project...
Dataset Usage Vocabulary
The visualization vocabulary for LOD applications
EAC-CPF Descriptions Ontology for Linked Archival Data
Evaluation and Report Language
The Linked Earth Ontology
EBU Ontology
RDF changes and revisions vocabulary
ECLAP, Performing Arts Vocabulary "The ECLAP vocabulary provide classes and properties for the description of multimedia content related with performing arts...
Enumeration and Chronology of Periodicals Ontology
Erlangen CRM / OWL
ELSEWeb EDAC Ontology
Europeana Data Model vocabulary
The EPCIS Event Model
Vocabulario de Resultados Electorales
The European Legislation Identifier
Emotion Ontology for Context Awareness
Vocabulario de Ofertas de Empleo
Vocabulary of endpoint status (availability, responseTime)
EPrints Ontology
ESSGlobal Vocabulary
Example vocabulary
Exif data description vocabulary
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Extent package)
FRBR-aligned Bibliographic Ontology
Federal Enterprise Architecture Vocabulary
Food Ontology in OWL
FRAD model
Funding, Research Administration and Projects Ontology
FraPPE: Frame, Pixel, Place, Event vocabulary
Expression of Core FRBR Concepts in RDF
Extended FRBR
FRBRer model
Fresnel Lens and Format Core Vocabulary
50K Gazetteer Vocabulary
Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms "This vocabulary will be used to describe the creators of, and contributors to, resources, and also the intended audience of resources... API
TotL Game Ontology
oeGOV Government Core Ontology
Government Data Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Linked Genealogical Data
WGS84 Geo Positioning "A vocabulary for representing latitude, longitude and altitude information in the WGS84 geodetic reference datum."...
Landinndelingen i Norge
Geo Features
Ontologie des unités administratives de l'IGN
Ontologie des primitives géométriques
FAO Geopolitical Ontology
GeoSpecies Ontology
OWL representation of ISO 19109 (General Feature Model)
OWL representation of ISO 19107 (Geographic Information)
OGC Geometry
The Geonames ontology
General Ontology for Linguistic Description
Ontology for modelling historic administrative information
The GoodRelations Ontology for Semantic Web-based E-Commerce
Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages Vocabulary
Generic Specific Ontology
General Transit Feed Specification
Geologic Timescale model
Getty Vocabulary Program ontology
Ontology for conversion of ISO/TC 211
Home Activity
HelpDesk support Ontology
HIFM Ontology
Holding Ontology
hRESTS Ontology
Haystack Tagging Ontology
Home Weather
The Hydra Core Vocabulary
International Contact Ontology: Addresses, phone numbers and emails
Ontologie démographique de l'INSEE
Ontology of digital identity
Ontologie géographique de l'INSEE "Ontologie des objets géographiques de l'INSEE, en particulier des territoires administratifs de la France."...
Ontologie des systèmes de coordonnées de référence
Vocabulary to describe incident response by emergency services
Information Realization
Ontology for Innovation
Intervals Ontology
Information Objects ontology
IoT lite Ontology "The IoT lite Ontology is a lightweight ontology to represent Internet of Things resources, entities and services...
IPO - Issue Procedure Ontology
The Identity of Resources on the Web ontology
Info Service Ontology
ISBD elements
ISO 25964 SKOS extension
Ispra Ontology
Issue Tracking tool Model
IT Service Management Ontology
Ontology of Building Accessibility
Juso Ontology
South Korea Extension to Juso Ontology South Korea Extension to Juso Ontology is a Web vocabulary that extends Juso Ontology to descrbe geographical addresses and features in South Korea...
The Knowledge Diversity Ontology
KEES Ontology
Keys Ontology
km4city, the DISIT Knowledge Model for City and Mobility
Linking Ancient World Data Ontology
Lifecycle Schema
Linked Data Platform
Linked Data Rights (LDR)
Vocabulary for Linked Data Visualization Model
LexInfo Ontology
LinkedGeoData ontology
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Lineage package)
Library extension of schema.org
Linked Statistical Models Vocabulary
License Model Ontology
The Lingvoj Ontology
Lightweight Image Ontology
LinkLion - the Link Discovery Portal
Lexical MetaModel Level 1
Lexical MetaModel Level 2
Vocabulario de Localizaciones
The LOCAH RDF Vocabulary
ISA Programme Location Core Vocabulary
Linking Open Descriptions of Events
SWAP Logic Ontology
Learning Object Metadata Ontology
LOTED ontology
Linked Science Core Vocabulary
ELSEWeb Lifemapper Ontology
ELSEWeb Mappings Ontology
The Linked SPARQL Queries Vocabulary (LSQ(V))
ELSEWeb Data Ontology
ELSEWeb Modelling Ontology
ELSEWeb Lifemapper Parameters Ontology
Ludo Ontology
Ludo Game Model Ontology
Ludo - Game Presentation
Ludo - Virtual Context
Experience API (xAPI)
lobid vocab (lv)
Lexvo.org Ontology
Linking-you vocabulary
The Machine-to-Machine Measurement (M3) Lite Ontology
Ontology for Media Resources
Metadata Authority Description Schema
Marl Ontology Specification
Sécurité Agents Mobiles
OWL representation of ISO 19115
RDF vocabulary to describe a Multidimensional Interface
The myExperiment Base Ontology
The Media RDF Vocabulary
MEX Algorithm Ontology
MEX Core Vocabulary
MEX Performance Ontology
Military Ontology Specification "The Muninn Military Ontology marks up information about military people, organizations and events."...
Machine Learning Schema
Management of a Crisis Vocabulary
Meaning of a Tag Ontology
MARC Code List for Relators The purpose of this list of relator terms and associated codes is to allow the relationship between an agent and a resource to be designated in bibliographic records....
Minimal Service Model
Measurement Ontology
MarineTLO Ontology
Music Vocabulary "A vocabulary, or music ontology, to describe classical music and performances...
Modular Unified Tagging Ontology (MUTO)
Media Value Chain Ontology
NEPOMUK Annotation Ontology
NEPOMUK Calendar Ontology
NEPOMUK Contact Ontology
NEPOMUK File Ontology
NeoGeo Geometry Ontology
NEPOMUK Information Element Core Ontology
NLP Interchange Format
National Library of Korea Ontology (nlon) This specification describes National Library of Korea Ontology vocaburaries using W3C's RDF and OWL technology...
Nature.com Core Ontology
NEPOMUK Representational Language
Nice Tag Ontology
Open Annotation Data Model
Ontology for archival description "An ontology for the description of archival data (OAD, “Ontology of Archival Description”) using the Web Ontology Language (OWL)...
Open NEE Model
Ontologie de l'Assemblée Nationale
Ontology for Biomedical Investigation
Observation Method Ontology
Object with states ontology
OntoMedia Core
Open Data Applications Vocabulary
The vocabulary for (L)OD ideas and applications
Ontology Design Pattern Participation
The Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) Ontology
Open Data Rights Statement Vocabulary
Organogram Data Vocabulary
Extended Creative Commons Ontology
Open Fridge vocabulary
Fridge and Freezer Vocabulary
Open Graph Protocol Vocabulary
The Opening Hours vocabulary
Ontology Loose Coupling Annotation
Ordered List Ontology
ISO 19156 Observation Model
OWL for Observations
Open-Multinet Upper Ontology
Open-Multinet Upper Federation Ontology
Open-Multinet Upper Lifecycle Ontology
Open NEE Configuration Model
Ontology annotation DLiser vocabulary
Ontopic Ontology
Ontology Security
Onyx Emotion Ontology
Open Organisations
Library of Congress Media Types Scheme "Media Types Scheme is derived from a controlled list of coded values representing content types principally used in RDA cataloging."...
Observable properties
Open 311 Ontology: An Ontology for publishing a city's non-emergency events.
Open Provenance Model
Open Provenance Model Vocabulary
The OPMW Ontology
Online Presence Ontology
SwetoDblp Ontology of Computer Science Publications
The OAI ORE terms vocabulary
Core organization ontology
Ontology about Spanish public organizations
The administrative geography and civil voting area ontology
Ordnance Survey Geometry Ontology
OSLC Core Vocabulary
OSLO Exchange Standard
Ontologie du Service Public
OntoMedia Space Representation
Spatial Relations Ontology
Ordnance Survey Topography Ontology
The OWL 2 Schema vocabulary
The P-PLAN Ontology
Parliament Ontology
Participation Schema
PASSIM ontology
Patch Request Ontology
The Pattern Ontology
Provenance, Authoring and Versioning
Payments ontology
Play Back Ontology
Public Contracts Ontology
Project Documents Ontology
Process Execution ontology.
ISA Programme Person Core Vocabulary
PROTON Extent module
Physical Data Description
The Places Ontology
PersonLink Ontology
Playlist Ontology
PML2 provenance ontology
Press.net Asset Ontology
Press.net Classification Ontology
Press.net Event Ontology
SNaP Identifier Ontology
Press.net Stuff Ontology
Press.net Tag Ontology
Poder Vocabulary
Postcode Ontology
Ontologie de la Poste
Privacy Preference Ontology
PPROC ontology
Property Reification Vocabulary
PREMIS Ontology
Presentation of Resources for Interoperable Semantic and Shareable Mobile Adaptability
The Publishing Roles Ontology "PRO, the Publishing Roles Ontology, is an ontology written in OWL 2 DL for the characterization of the roles of agents (people, corporate bodies and computational agents) in the publication process...
The Event Programme Vocabulary
W3C PROVenance Interchange
Product Vocabulary
Provenance Vocabulary Core Ontology
Provenance Vocabulary types "Extends the Provenance Vocabulary by defining subclasses of the types of provenance elements introduced in the core ontology."...
The Publishing Status Ontology "PSO, the Publishing Status Ontology, is an ontology written in OWL 2 DL for characterizing the publication status of a document or other publication entity at each of the various stages in the publishing process (e.g...
PROTON (Proto Ontology), Top Module
Eccenca Publish-Subscribe Vocabulary
The Publishing Workflow Ontology
The data cube vocabulary
Vocabulary for publishing OLAP data cubes
Quantity Kinds and Units
Quantities, Units, Dimensions and Types (QUDT) QUDT is more than a set of vocabularies representing the various quantity and unit standards: Main QUDT Ontology QUDT Datatype Ontology QUDT Units Vocabulary QUDT QuantityKinds Vocabulary QUDT DimensionVectors Vocabulary QUDT Physical Constants Vocabulary QUDT Systems of Units Vocabulary...
Relations for Reusing (R4R) Ontology
Repository Asset Distribution
RAUL Vocabulary "A vocabulary to describe Web form widgets...
RDA Agent properties
RDA Classes
RDA Expression properties
FRBR Entities for RDA
RDA Group 1 Elements
RDA Group 2 Elements
RDA Group 3 Elements
RDA Item properties
RDA Manifestation properties
RDA Relationships for Works, Expressions, Manifestations, Items
RDA Relationships GR2
RDA Roles
RDA Unconstrained properties
RDA Work properties
The RDF Concepts Vocabulary
RDFa Vocabulary for Term and Prefix Assignment, and for Processor Graph Reporting
The RDF Presentation ontology
The RDF Schema vocabulary
Recommendation Ontology
Model of the W3C Process
RECommendations Ontology
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
ReMetCa Ontology "Ontology for poetry description."...
Review Vocabulary
RDF Logging Ontology "This is a helper ontology for NIF 2.0 to be able to log errors and warning messages."...
The Research Object Ontology "The Wf4Ever Research Object Model provides a vocabulary for the description of workflow-centric Research Objects: aggregations of resources relating to scientific workflows."...
Registered Organization Vocabulary
RDB to RDF Mapping Language Schema
Vocabulary for Rich Site Summary (RSS) 1.0
Test-Driven Data Debugging Ontology
Social Semantic SPARQL Security For Access Control Ontology
SAREF4EE: the EEbus/Energy@home extension of SAREF
The Sampling Features Schema Vocabulary
OWL for Sampling Features
SALT Annotation Ontology
SAREF: the Smart Appliances REFerence ontology
Sharing Ancient Wisdoms Ontology
Schema.org vocabulary
Scientific People Ontology
Scholarly Contributions and Roles Ontology
Social Semantic Cloud of Tags "SCOT (Social Semantic Cloud of Tags) is an ontology for describing the structure and the semantics for tagging data across heterogenous users, sources, and applications."...
The Statistical Core Vocabulary
Schema.org CSV
SPARQL 1.1 Service Description
SDMX-RDF vocabulary
SDMX Dimension
SALT Document Ontology
Sindice Search Vocabulary
SEAS ontology
Security Ontology
The SEM Ontology
Semio, an ontology of signs
Sequence Pattern
The Service Ontology
Simplified Features Geometry
Shoah Vocabulary Specification
Smart Home Weather
The Similarity Ontology
Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
Situation Pattern
Simple Knowledge Organization System API
SKOS eXtension for Labels
CERISE CIM Profile for Smart Grids
Simple Network Access Rights Management Ontology
SORON: Social Relationships ONtology
NeoGeo Spatial Ontology
Software Process Control Model
SmartProducts Food Domain Model
SPIN Inferencing Vocabulary
SQL Abstract Syntax Trees Vocabulary
SALT Rhetorical Ontology
Semantic Sensor Network Ontology "This ontology describes sensors and observations, and related concepts...
Simple Service Status Ontology
The Stop Times ontology
Security Toolbox : Attacks and Countermeasures "A vocabulary to describe main security and cryptographic concepts: attacks, security mechanisms, OSI model, security protocols, security tools in numerous technologies: Web applications, network management, Sensor networks, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) and Wireless (Wifi), etc."...
Semantic Trajectory Episodes
Stories Ontology "Stories are present throughout our everyday lives and our history: books, film, television, and radio weave events into narrative and plot; myths and legends are passed between generations; news stories describe both ongoing and past events...
SUMMA Vocabulary
Semantic Web Conference Ontology
Graph Authority
Software Work Product Model
Semantic Web Portal Ontology
Semantic Web for Research Communities
Semantic Web Rule Language "This document contains a proposal for a Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) based on a combination of the OWL DL and OWL Lite sublanguages of the OWL Web Ontology Language with the Unary/Binary Datalog RuleML sublanguages of the Rule Markup Language...
TripleAccessControl Ontology
Tag ontology "An ontology that describes tags, as used in the popular del.icio.us and Flickr systems, and allows for relationships between tags to be described."...
Trust Assertion Ontology
TaxonMap Ontology
Time Entry
Teaching Core Vocabulary Specification
Test Metadata
Theatre Ontology "An ontology for organising theatrical data."...
The Temporal Ordinal Reference Systems
The Time Interval Pattern
Time Ontology
The Tickets Ontology
Time Indexed Situation "A generic pattern usable for all situations that require a temporal indexing."...
Open Time and Space Core Vocabulary
The Timeline Ontology
A vocabulary for temporal objects in Geographic Information
Translational Medicine Ontology
Ontologie des éléments du territoire et de ses infrastructures de l'IGN
Tourpedia Ontology