Terminology Registries

BARTOC knows about terminology registries, including itself. registries also provide access to full terminologies either via an API (terminology service) or by other means (terminology repository).*

Name Links Type
DANTE repository
Getty Vocabularies repository
Metadata registry of the German Network for Educational Research Data repository
onomy.org repository
Loterre API service
legivoc API service
SIFR BioPortal repository
Linked ISPRA API service
agINFRA Linked Data Vocabularies repository
Australian Education Vocabularies API service
xTree public API service
Heritage Data API service
Phaidra Classification Server repository
Termportalen repository
LinDA repository
Linked Thesaurus fRamework for Environment (LusTRE) API service
Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) API service
GFBio Terminology Server API service
RDA Metadata Directory repository
Orphadata API service
Open Source Registry System for Rare Diseases in the EU (OSSE) repository
Europeana Metadata Registry repository
USHIK Metadata Registry repository
WHO indicator registry repository
RDA Registry repository
Culture Grid Vocabulary Bank repository
IF4IT Inventory of Taxonomies repository
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Terminology Services repository
DGIWG Terminology Registry repository
CLARIN Concept Registry repository
ISOcat repository
KulturNav API service
HeTOP repository
SISS Vocabulary Services repository
ProZ.com term search repository
Inspire Registry repository
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) repository
Finto API service
Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) API service
The OBO Foundry repository
The Dublin Core Metadata Registry API service
TemaTres API service
Research Vocabularies Australia API service
PRIDE Archive - proteomics data repository API service
Open Metadata Registry API service
Ontobee API service
ONKI API service
OCLC Terminology Services repository
NERC Vocabulary Server API service
museumsvokabular.de repository
Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) API service
LC Linked Data Service repository
HIVE repository
DERI Vocabularies repository
DataHub API service
DARIAH Vocabs Servicey API service
ID.LOC.GOV repository
TIB Terminology Service API service
NFDI4Ing Terminology Service API service

Download full list of registries in JSKOS format.

* See also our poster Terminology Registries and Services presented at Research Data Alliance Deutschland Treffen and at SWIB 2016 https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.166717.