Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
Metadata Authority Description Schema 94 points
Home Weather 93 points
NEPOMUK Calendar Ontology 93 points
The Event Programme Vocabulary 92 points
PROTON Extent module 91 points
Poder Vocabulary 91 points
The Places Ontology 91 points
NDL Metadata Terms 91 points
Ontology of digital identity 90 points
KEES Ontology 89 points
Intervals Ontology 89 points
W3C PROVenance Interchange 89 points
The Hydra Core Vocabulary 88 points
Vocabulary for Linked Data Visualization Model 88 points
lobid vocab 87 points
Information Objects ontology 86 points
Lexical MetaModel Level 2 85 points
Ontologie démographique de l'INSEE 85 points
ELSEWeb Lifemapper Ontology 85 points
Ludo Ontology 85 points
MarineTLO Ontology 84 points
NEPOMUK File Ontology 84 points
Juso Ontology 84 points
Lexical MetaModel Level 1 84 points
Sécurité Agents Mobiles 83 points
Machine Learning Schema 83 points
Info Service Ontology 82 points
LinkedGeoData ontology 81 points
OWL representation of ISO 19115 81 points
MEX Performance Ontology 81 points
Linked Science Core Vocabulary 81 points
Lexvo.org Ontology 79 points
Dem@Care Lab Ontology for Dementia Assessment 79 points
Experience API (xAPI) 79 points
ELSEWeb Mappings Ontology 78 points
Linked Data Platform 78 points
Ontologie des systèmes de coordonnées de référence 78 points
ISBD elements 78 points
The Lingvoj Ontology 78 points
International Contact Ontology: Addresses, phone numbers and emails 78 points
Lightweight Image Ontology 78 points
LinkLion - the Link Discovery Portal 78 points
The Knowledge Diversity Ontology 78 points
Press.net Tag Ontology 77 points
Linked Statistical Models Vocabulary 76 points
The Machine-to-Machine Measurement (M3) Lite Ontology 76 points
DOAP Dependencies 76 points
NEPOMUK Annotation Ontology 74 points
Ludo Game Model Ontology 73 points
Linking-you vocabulary 73 points
Modular Unified Tagging Ontology (MUTO) 73 points
IPO - Issue Procedure Ontology 73 points
Ludo - Game Presentation 72 points
IoT-O 72 points
Library of Congress Genre/Form Schemes 72 points
Decision ontology 71 points
Vocabulary to describe incident response by emergency services 71 points
label 71 points
The myExperiment Base Ontology 71 points
LexInfo Ontology 71 points
Issue Tracking tool Model 71 points
Keys Ontology 70 points
Media Value Chain Ontology 70 points
The Identity of Resources on the Web ontology 70 points
Vocabulario de Localizaciones 69 points
Linking Ancient World Data Ontology 69 points
MEX Core Vocabulary 67 points
km4city, the DISIT Knowledge Model for City and Mobility 67 points
Library extension of schema.org 67 points
MEX Algorithm Ontology 66 points
The LOCAH RDF Vocabulary 66 points
Ontology for Innovation 66 points
Library of Congress Cultural Heritage Organizations 65 points
RDF vocabulary to describe a Multidimensional Interface 65 points
ISA Programme Location Core Vocabulary 65 points
Ispra Ontology 65 points
Linking Open Descriptions of Events 65 points
Ontology of Building Accessibility 64 points
The Media RDF Vocabulary 64 points
ELSEWeb Lifemapper Parameters Ontology 63 points
Library of Congress Classification Schemes 61 points
Library of Congress MARC Genre Terms 61 points
Linked Data Rights (LDR) 60 points
Ludo - Virtual Context 60 points
The Linked SPARQL Queries Vocabulary (LSQ(V)) 59 points
Ontology for Media Resources 59 points
IoT-Lifecycle 57 points
ISO 25964 SKOS extension 56 points
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Lineage package) 54 points
ELSEWeb Modelling Ontology 48 points
Library of Congress Subject Schemes 41 points
ELSEWeb Data Ontology 35 points
Winner selection status Name Authority List 32 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
COM internal procedure Name Authority List 30 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
Award criterion type Name Authority List 29 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
Accessibility Name Authority List 28 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
COM internal event Name Authority List 28 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
Economic operator size Name Authority List 27 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
Document collection Name Authority List 26 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
Procurement procedure type Name Authority List 25 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government