USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus

"Containing thousands of genocide‐related concepts and experiences, the USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus is one of the first of its kind. It lists the indexing terms used to describe the Institute's video testimonies and arranges them hierarchically under broad headings. These terms have been assigned directly to digital time codes within testimonies where the specific topics are discussed, in much the same way that book index entries specify the page numbers where topics are covered.

Pocket Catholic Thesaurus

"Over a decade's, diligent research was devoted to a professional search for an existing thesaurus – to facilitate the classification, and processing, of all essential information on Roman Catholicism. Personal visits were made to Catholic Universities; many librarians and scholars were interviewed; extensive correspondence was exchanged with religious orders; specialized institutes were contacted; all applicable library science, and data-processing literature was analyzed. Two consistent responses emerged from the preponderance of respondents.

EURISLAM Thesaurus

"La base bibliographique EURISLAM, destinée aux chercheurs et enseignants, recense toutes les publications relatives à la situation actuelle, dans l'Europe élargie, de l'islam en tant que religion (croyances, pratiques religieuses, sensibilités religieuses) et des musulmans en tant qu'ensemble diversifié de populations (immigration musulmane, institutions communautaires, régulation publique). La base prend en compte les articles de revues, les ouvrages ou contributions à des ouvrages collectifs, les rapports d'études ou d'enquêtes, et les thèses."