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"TEPA on Sanastokeskus TSK:n kokoama ja ylläpitämä termipankki. Se sisältää erikoisalojen termejä ja määritelmiä, jotka esitetään monikielisinä termitietueina. Termipankin rungon muodostaa Sanastokeskuksen oma aineisto, mutta se sisältää myös muita asiantuntijoiden laatimia alakohtaisia sanastoja. TEPA-termipankki on toteutettu Kielikone Oy:n kehittämällä MOT®-sanakirjaohjelmalla.

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"TERMIUM Plus®, one of the largest terminology and linguistic data banks in the world, gives you access to millions of terms in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can find terms, abbreviations, definitions and usage examples in a wide range of specialized fields. The data bank is an essential tool for understanding an acronym, checking an official title, finding an equivalent in another language, and much more."

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Βάση Όρων Πληροφορικής INFORTERM

"Η Βάση Όρων Πληροφορικής INFORTERM είναι τρίγλωσση και περιλαμβάνει τους ελληνικούς όρους που έχει εκπονήσει η Ομάδα ΕΛΟΤ/ΤΕ48/ΟΕ1 «Ορολογία Πληροφορικής» και ισοδύναμους αγγλικούς όρους και γαλλικούς όρους, βάσει Διεθνών Προτύπων (Σειρά ISO/IEC 2382) του Διεθνούς Οργανισμού Τυποποίησης (ISO) και της Διεθνούς Ηλεκτροτεχνικής Επιτροπής (IEC)."

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"Termbasen SNORRE er utviklet av Standard Norge i samarbeid med Språkrådet og Kulturdepartementet. SNORRE inneholder fagtermer og definisjoner på bokmål, nynorsk, engelsk, tysk og fransk som er samlet i forbindelse med standardiseringsarbeid. I SNORRE finnes oppdatert og vedlikeholdt terminologi fra et bredt utvalg av områder, f.eks. sportsutstyr og -anlegg, skipsbygging og marine konstruksjoner, bedriftsorganisasjon og -ledelse, kvalitetsstyring og næringsmiddelteknologi. Hovedtyngden av termene i databasen er ekserpert fra oversatte standarder.

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Key Concepts of Museology

"A common language that conveys the complex reality of current social and cultural values–ethical, aesthetic, scientific and technological–remains a constant concern for those in charge of transmitting a message to society, particularly in the field of museology. In this context, the International Committee of ICOM for Museology (ICOFOM) developed the booklet “Key Concepts of Museology”, an avant-première of the complete Dictionary of Museology, a reference tool that will provide museum professionals worldwide with a common language.

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Information Technology Glossary of Terms and Phrases

"The IF4IT’s IT Glossary is intended to be a centralized, thorough, public and freely available repository of Information Technology 'Operations' (or 'Operational') terms. By Operations/Operational we mean that these terms address how Information Technology resources 'work' and the concepts they need to perform their work. The glossary consists of thousands of of terms that are consistent with how IT leaders lead and how IT workers work, across all industries.

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Unique Identifier (ID) Taxonomy

"The following represents a linear or flat representation of the different Unique Identifier Types that are used by Information Technology (IT) organizations and professionals (especially Data professionals) to help create Data Solutions that allow unique identification of instances of Data Entities or Data Items. This Taxonomy is associated with the IT Disciplines known as Unique Identifier Management and Data Management."

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Taxonomy Taxonomy

"The following represents a linear or flat taxonomy of the many different key Taxonomy types or categorizations that are used by Information Technology (IT) organizations and professionals to help define, structure, organize, and understand various forms of Data, Information, and Knowledge. Such a Taxonomy is often used as a foundation for activities like data modeling (i.e. the design, definition and development of other Taxonomies and Ontologies).

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