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Vocabulary Of Attribution and Governance

"VOAG stands for 'Vocabulary Of Attribution and Governance'. The ontology is intended to specify licensing, attribution, provenance and governance of an ontology. VOAG captures many common license types and their restrictions. Where a license requires attribution, VOAG provides resources that allow the attribution should be made. Provenance is defined in terms of source and pedigree. A miminal model of governance is provided based on how issues, releases and changes are managed.

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The Workflow Motif Ontology

"Scientific workflows have been increasingly used in the last decade as an instrument for data intensive science. Workflows serve a dual function: first, as detailed documentation of the scientific method used for an experiment (i. e. the input sources and processing steps taken for the derivation of a certain data item), and second, as re-usable, executable artifacts for data-intensive analysis.

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URI Vocabulary

"This vocabulary describes the entities which may be derived from a URI and the relationships between them, such as Internet Domains, prototcols, file suffixes etc. It was initially issued as part of an April 1st gag, but has utility beyond the initial joke."

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