300 Social sciences

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research Thesaurus

"The ICPSR Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary system composed of three separate lists: Subject Thesaurus, Personal Names Authority List, and Geographic Names Thesaurus. Subject Thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of social science subject terms. The scope of this thesaurus is multidisciplinary and is intended to reflect the subject range of the ICPSR archive. Social science disciplines represented include: political science, sociology, history, economics, education, criminal justice, gerontology, demography, public health, law, and international relations.

Gender Inn Suchindex

"Um Ihnen eine differenzierte Recherche zu ermöglichen, haben wir diesen Suchindex nun in einer transparenten Form ins Netz gebracht. Für präzise Ergebnisse machen Sie daher bitte Gebrauch von diesem Index, der alle Schlagwörter sowohl thematisch als auch alphabetisch listet. Jedem Schlagwort ist dabei eine Index-Nummer zugeordnet, die stellvertretend für dieses in das Rechercheformular eingegeben werden kann."

"In order to provide you with a differentiated search, we have now brought this search index into a transparent form, so please make use of this index, which lists all keywords both thematically and alphabetically, with each index being an index Number, which can be entered into the search form as a substitute for this. "

Family Thesaurus

"Family Thesaurus is arranged in an alphabetical sequence showing the hierarchical relationship of each main term to other terms. Non-used terms or cross-references are listed to guide users to the preferred terms. Main terms are shown in bold and non-used terms in a lighter typeface. The Thesaurus facilitates post-coordinated indexing, whereby complex subjects are represented by several different headings, rather than one single heading. Post-coordinated systems rely on the use of boolean operators - such as and, or, not - to combine the separate headings for searching.

Deutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen Schlagwortliste

"Die Schlagwortliste des DZA dient als Grundlage für die inhaltliche Erschließung der Literatur in GeroLit und wurde im Hinblick auf die spezialisierte Literatur von den Mitarbeiter/innen der Bibliothek erstellt."

"The keyword list of the DZA serves as a basis for the content development of the literature in GeroLit and was created by the staff of the library with regard to the specialized literature."

USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus

"Containing thousands of genocide‐related concepts and experiences, the USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus is one of the first of its kind. It lists the indexing terms used to describe the Institute's video testimonies and arranges them hierarchically under broad headings. These terms have been assigned directly to digital time codes within testimonies where the specific topics are discussed, in much the same way that book index entries specify the page numbers where topics are covered.

African Studies Thesaurus

"It contains some 5,200 English descriptors (or preferred terms). An additional 6,900 non-preferred terms guide the user to preferred terms. Developed as an indexing and retrieval tool for the ASC library collection, the African Studies Thesaurus reflects the characteristics and main thematic areas of the collection. Specific Africa-related descriptors include the names of countries and regions, ethnic groups, African languages, African polities and political parties in Africa.

Tesauro de Historia de las Mujeres

"Desde el principio vimos que los tesauros que conocíamos no resolvían nuestras necesidades específicas. Por eso es por lo que el 1991 decidimos elaborar uno de nuevo. Así, la necesidad de organizar y de interpretar el material, que al principio nos había parecido sólo técnica e, incluso, aburrida, supuso la base de nuestro proyecto. Fue entonces cuando la responsabilidad de su elaboración fue asumida por todo el grupo de investigadoras.

"From the beginning, we saw that the thesauri we knew did not solve our specific needs, which is why we decided to create one again: the need to organize and interpret the material, which at first seemed technical And even boring, was the basis of our project.That was when the responsibility for its elaboration was taken up by the whole group of researchers, not to choose and classify words that would name the historical experiences of women Catalonia from the 9th to the 18th centuries, but to design, from the diversity of our experiences, semantic fields and concrete terms of an own langua

Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus

"The thesaurus was initially based on the UNESCO Thesaurus and is continuously expanded and updated by the UK Data Archive. As new terms appear in our studies, new terms will be found in the thesaurus. HASSET is the basis for the multilingual European Language Social Science Thesaurus (ELSST) which is currently translated into nine languages and is used to aid retrieval in the CESSDA Catalog. HASSET displays the relationships between terms and so can help you broaden your search or make it more specific.