Open Database License (ODbL)


" is a collaborative project dedicated to defining the intellectual concepts of pottery following the tenets of linked open data and the formulation of an ontology for representing and sharing ceramic data across disparate data systems. While the project is focused primarily on the definition of concepts within Greek black- and red-figure pottery, is extensible toward the definition of concepts in other fields of pottery studies."

Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven

"Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid heeft samen met enkele andere Nederlandse organisaties die audiovisueel cultureel erfgoed beheren de Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus voor Audiovisuele Archieven (GTAA) ontwikkeld. De GTAA wordt gebruikt voor het doeltreffend karakteriseren van de inhoud van audiovisueel materiaal uit het archief met labels afkomstig uit een gecontroleerde en gestructureerde lijst van termen, een thesaurus. De thesaurus wordt bij Beeld en Geluid voornamelijk ingezet in het handmatige beschrijvingsproces, maar ook meer en meer bij automatische annotatietechnieken.

"The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision has teamed up with some other Dutch organizations operating audiovisual cultural heritage developed the Common Thesaurus for Audiovisual Archives (GTAA). The GTAA is used to efficiently characterize the content of audiovisual material from the archive with labels originated from a controlled and structured list of terms, a thesaurus. the thesaurus will be placed at Sound and mainly used in the manual description process, but also more and more automatic annotation techniques.


"Iconclass is a subject-specific classification system. It is a hierarchically ordered collection of definitions of objects, people, events and abstract ideas that serve as the subject of an image. Art historians, researchers and curators use it to describe, classify and examine the subject of images represented in various media such as paintings, drawings and photographs. Numerous institutions across the world use Iconclass to describe and classify their collections in a standardized manner.

Standard Thesaurus Wirtschaft

"Der Standard-Thesaurus Wirtschaft (STW) bildet das weltweit umfassendste bilinguale Fachvokabular zur Repräsentation und Recherche wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Inhalte. Seine über 6.000 Schlagwörter in englischer und deutscher Sprache und mehr als 20.000 Synonymverweise decken alle ökonomischen Themenfelder und wichtigen benachbarten Sachgebiete ab. Der STW wird von der ZBW veröffentlicht und entsprechend den Veränderungen in der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fachterminologie permanent weiterentwickelt.

"The STW Thesaurus for Economics is the world's most comprehensive bilingual thesaurus for representing and searching for economics-related content. With more than 6,000 subject headings in English and German and more than 20,000 synonyms it covers all economics-related subject areas and, on a broader level, the most important related subject fields. The STW is published and continuously further developed by the ZBW according to the latest changes in the economic terminology.