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OLAC Video Game Vocabulary

"Video games are extremely popular materials held by both public libraries and academic libraries. There is a compelling need for a robust genre vocabulary for cataloging video games that will aid users in identifying video game titles by genre. (...) The OLAC video game genre vocabulary includes sixty-six genre terms, each with a scope note to help librarians choose the correct term when cataloging video games. The vocabulary is fully cross-referenced and includes authoritative sources to corroborate the usage of the genre term as applied to video games.

Thésaurus DemoVoc

"Le thésaurus DemoVoc, qui vise à faciliter la recherche et l’indexation de la documentation en sciences de la population, est une adaptation du thésaurus Popin créé et maintenu par le CICRED (Comité International de Coopération dans les Recherches Nationales en Démographie) entre 1979 et 1993. Maintenu par l’INED, DemoVoc contient près 2500 descripteurs, il est mis à jour une fois par an."

"The thesaurus DemoVoc, which aims to facilitate searching and indexing of documents in the field of population studies, is derived from the Popin thesaurus, created and maintained by CICRED (Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography) from 1979 to 1993. Maintained by INED, DemoVoc consist of around 2500 descriptors and is updated on a yearly basis."

instantiationGenerations Vocabulary

"instantiationGenerations identifies the use type and provenance of the instantiation. For example, the generation of a video tape may be an “Original Master” or “Dub,” the generation of a film reel may be an “Original Negative” or “Composite Positive,” an audiotape may be a “Master” or “Mix Element,” and an image may be a “Photograph” or a “Photocopy.”"

publisherRole Vocabulary

"publisherRole is used to identify the role played by the specific publisher or publishing entity identified in the companion descriptor publisher. The PBCore schema allows for publisherRole to be repeated in the pbcorePublisher container element. This can be useful when a single person or organization is associated with multiple roles in an asset."