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"The first version of this thesaurus (Sept. 2011) was prepared based on terms and term relationships derived from ISO/DIS Land Administration Domain Model (dated 2010-03-01) which was initiated by Peter van Oosterom and Christiaan Lemmen, as well as terms adopted from other thesauri including the AGROVOC multilingual agricultural vocabulary, the GEMET Thesaurus, INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes, and the STW Thesaurus for Economics. In version 2 (Oct. 2012), the about 110 terms of the version 1.0 was supplemented with terms, which address the dynamic or process aspect of the domain.

Plan de classement de la Bpi

"Le plan de classement propre à la Bpi est en effet librement inspiré de la CDU (Classification Décimale Universelle) : ce système, utilisé dans de nombreuses bibliothèques dans le monde, donne une représentation de l'ensemble des connaissances humaines en dix grandes classes, comptant chacune dix subdivisions, qu’on peut encore développer en dix parties et ainsi de suite. Les divers signes et règles de syntaxe utilisés dans sa notation rendent la CDU complexe et difficile d'usage aux non spécialistes.

Open Threat Taxonomy

"The goal of this project is simple, to maintain a free, community driven, open source taxonomy of potential threats to information systems. Our hope is that this taxonomy will serve as a resource for organizations attempting to prioritize their defenses and choose controls most appropriate for defending their information systems. We believe that the nature of a common internet and homogeneous systems leads to common threats to information systems.