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Systematik der Bibliographie des Musikschrifttums

"Mit der Systematik der Bibliographie des Musikschrifttums können Sie per Mausklick eine chronologisch absteigend sortierte Übersicht der Publikationen zu einem Sachgebiet aufrufen. Das so gewonnene Suchergebnis können Sie mit beliebigen weiteren Suchanfragen aus der "Erweiterten Suche", beispielsweise nach Stich- und Schlagworten, Materialart, Erscheinungsjahr oder Sprache, kombinieren."

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" is a collaborative project to provide stable digital representations of numismatic concepts according to the principles of Linked Open Data. These take the form of http URIs that also provide access to reusable information about those concepts, along with links to other resources."

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Europeana Fashion Thesaurus

"The Europeana Fashion project aims to create a multilingual thesaurus in 10 languages (English-French-German-Dutch-Italian-Serbian-Swedish-Spanish-Portugese-Greek) for fashion and fashion-related concepts. The aim is to grasp and structure in a faceted and hierarchical way the complexity and variety of fashion as a cultural domain. It will focus not only on the objects that are the result of creative processes in the fashion industry, but also on the processes themselves and the resources and techniques used (focus on object – material – technique). The thesaurus will be developed:

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