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Star Trek Nebula Classification

"A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, gas, and plasma, where star formation usually occurs. In the year 2400, the Federation introduced a new system to classify nebulae. The new system first assigns the nebula a letter designation based upon its general composition. If the nebula has any unusual quirks, it is assigned an additional number designation. For example, a Class F2 Nebula is a Dark Nebula that contains disruptive electromagnetic radiation."

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Star Trek Planetary Classification

"A planet is a celestial body in orbit around a star or stellar remnants, that has sufficient mass for self-gravity and is nearly spherical in shape. A planet must not share its orbital region with other bodies of significant size (except for its own satellites), and must be below the threshold for thermonuclear fusion of
deuterium. If a celestial body meets those requirements, it is considered a planet; at that point, the planet is further classified by its atmosphere and surface conditions into one of twenty-two categories."

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Glosario da Arte Contemporánea

"Este glosario naceu da necesidade de ampliar os repertorios terminográficos sobre arte contemporánea que incluísen o galego como lingua de traballo. Actualmente, a arte está a adquirir un gran pulo en Galicia, principalmente grazas á actividade de novos museos, galerías e salas de exposicións que amosan o traballo dos artistas máis novos ou innovadores do panorama internacional.

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Pokémon Category

"In a Pokémon's Pokédex information, the category (...) (Japanese: 分類 classification) is a name which identifies the Pokémon based on one of its defining biological characteristics. Most often, the defining traits are part of the Pokémon’s physiology, special abilities, or behavior. It was previously also known as species. (...) Because of how brief and uninformative the description of a Pokémon often is in its category, and how little the category relates to other data, it is not often regarded as an important piece of information about a Pokémon.

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Textile Museum Thesaurus

"The Textile Museum Thesaurus is a data management tool for cataloging and searching for textiles in The Textile Museum’s collection in its electronic database. The Thesaurus functions both as a controlled vocabulary for cataloging our collections and as an electronic querying aid structured to permit the highest level of success in retrieving the appropriate objects during searches.

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"Die Verwendung von kontrolliertem Vokabular für die Katalogisierung ist die Grundlage für eine konsistente Objektdokumentation. Die Abstimmung über ein gemeinsames kontrolliertes Vokabular ist umso wichtiger bei der Zusammenführung heterogener Metadaten verschiedener Sammlungen in einem Portal, um optimale Voraussetzungen für die Recherche zu gewährleisten.

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Systematik zur Beschreibung, Eingabe und Verarbeitung kunsttechnologischer Informationen für Zeichnungen auf Papier in Datenbanken

"Im Rahmen des vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung geförderten Forschungsprojekts 'Das Erbe Schinkels – vom Depot in den Diskurs' wurde in der Abteilung Konservierung/Restaurierung des Kupferstichkabinetts Berlin 2010 eine Systematik zur kunsttechnologischen Beschreibung von Zeichnungen auf Papier in Datenbanken entwickelt.

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