subject heading scheme

Vocabulário Controlado de Artes

"O vocabulário Controlado apresenta os assuntos da área de Artes. Nessa base poderão ser encontrados os assuntos autorizados ou descritores para uma busca efetiva no catálogo online. Além disso, é apresentado o descritor em inglês, os sinônimos (usado para), a definição, as fontes de pesquisa e o contexto hierárquico do descritor com suas relações especificas, gerais e de associação."

Język haseł przedmiotowych Biblioteki Narodowej

"JHP BN zawiera słownictwo, które umożliwia budowę haseł adekwatnie charakteryzujących treść i formę dokumentów gromadzonych w bibliotekach. Każdy byt, obiekt, pojęcie, zjawisko, które posiada własną nazwę i jest zdefiniowane w wiarygodnych źródłach informacji, powinno być wyrażone odpowiednim tematem. Na słownictwo JHP BN składają się tematy i określniki."

Systematik des Göttinger Band-Realkatalogs

"Das folgende Klassifikationssystem bildet die im 18. Jahrhundert entwickelte Systematik ab, nach der die historischen Bestände der Göttinger Universitätsbibliothek mit Erscheinungsjahren bis einschließlich 1945 geordnet sind. Diese Systematik entspricht im Wesentlichen der Aufstellung der Bücher im Regal und der Anordnung der Titel im Band-Realkatalog, dessen Bände im 2. OG des Historischen Gebäudes der SUB Göttingen aufgestellt und zugänglich sind.

"The following classification system is the system developed in the 18th century, according to which the historical holdings of the University Library of Göttingen are arranged with appearances up to and including 1945.

Library of Congress Children's Subject Headings

"The Library of Congress Subject Headings Supplemental Vocabularies: Children’s Headings (LCSHAC) is a thesaurus which is used in conjunction with LCSH. It is not a self-contained vocabulary, but is instead designed to complement LCSH and provide tailored subject access to children and young adults when LCSH does not provide suitable terminology, form, or scope for children. LCSHAC records can be identified by the LCCN prefix 'sj'."

Lesbian Herstory Archives Subject Files

"Our 1,569 fascinating Subject Files fill the drawers of four, five drawer horizontal file cabinets plus overflow boxes. Think of these files as 'Lesbians and…'. The first file is 'Abortion' and the last is 'Youth'. In between are such topics as 'African-Ancestral Lesbians', 'Bars', 'Health Care', 'Marriage', 'Music Festivals', 'Publishers', 'Religion', 'Theatre', and 'Violence'. We have a complete listing of these files with cross-referencing plus a thesaurus to help you locate information related to your interest.

Chiropractic Subject Headings

"Chiropractic Subject Headings (ChiroSH) is a thesaurus developed by librarians at chiropractic college libraries, intended for use by indexers for the Index to Chiropractic Literature (ICL) and by catalogers at chiropractic and natural health sciences libraries. The first draft of the thesaurus was developed from the subject authority files of the Texas Chiropractic College and Northwestern College of Chiropractic libraries, the subject thesaurus included in the first volume of CRAC: Chiropractic Research Abstracts Collection, and the subject lists included in ICL.

Tesauro de Recursos Naturales y Productivos de Chile

"El presente Tesauro de Recursos Naturales y Productivos de Chile, esta basado en el Tesauro elaborado por IREN el año 1979, el que en el transcurso de los años, ha sido sometido a numerosas revisiones y actualizaciones.

"The current Thesaurus of Natural and Productive Resources of Chile, based on the Thesaurus prepared by IREN in 1979, has undergone numerous revisions and updates over the years.