International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

"The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, known more commonly as ICF, is a classification of health and health-related domains. These domains are classified from body, individual and societal perspectives by means of two lists: a list of body functions and structure, and a list of domains of activity and participation. Since an individual's functioning and disability occurs in a context, the ICF also includes a list of environmental factors.

INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus

"The terms in the Joint Thesaurus are listed alphabetically. For each alphabetical entry, a 'word block', containing the terms associated with this particular entry, is displayed. In the word block, terms that have a hierarchical relationship to the entry are identified by the symbols BT for Broader Term, and NT for Narrower Term; a term with an affinitive relationship is identified by RT, for Related Term; terms with a preferential relationship are identified by USE or SEE, and UF for Used For, and SF for Seen For.

Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems Micro-Thesauri

"A collection of 48 lists with terminology. The Micro-thesauri are intended for use in conjunction with HURIDOCS Standard Formats manuals, and in particular with the HURIDOCS Events Standard Formats: a tool for documenting human rights violations. The Micro-thesauri can be used as a starting point for developing one’s own index terms for libraries and documentation centres, as keywords for organising information on websites, or as controlled vocabularies for databases to record violations."


"AGROVOC is a controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, including food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment etc. It is published by FAO and edited by a community of experts.
AGROVOC consists of over 34,000 concepts available in 23 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Malay, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Telugu, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.

International Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground

"Since 1990 our collective knowledge of snow and the techniques we use to observe its characteristics have evolved. Thus, in 2003, the current classification (Colbeck et al., 1990) needed an update, but the users of the 1990 classification felt that corrections and additions should be kept to a minimum. Following the spirit of the previous editions, the Working Group on Snow Classification took care to again provide a concise document usable by user groups of quite different specialties: snow scientists, practitioners, scientists from other fields, as well as interested lay persons.

Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften

"Zurzeit enthält der Thesaurus ca. 12.000 Einträge, davon rund 8.000 Deskriptoren und rund 4.000 Synonym-Verweise. Er deckt alle Disziplinen der Sozialwissenschaften ab. Der Thesaurus steht in interaktiver Form mit eigener Benutzeroberfläche im Fachportal sowiport zur Verfügung. Der Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften ist ein zentrales Instrument für inhaltsorientierte Recherchen in den Datenbanken SOFIS und SOLIS."

"The thesaurus currently contains about 12,000 entries, of which about 8,000 descriptors and around 4,000 synonyms, covers all disciplines of social sciences.The thesaurus is available in interactive form with its own user interface in the Fachportal sowiport The thesaurus of social sciences is a central one Instrument for content-oriented searches in the databases SOFIS and SOLIS. "

Gross Motor Function Classification System

"The Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) is a 5 level classification system that describes the gross motor function of children and youth with cerebral palsy on the basis of their self-initiated movement with particular emphasis on sitting, walking, and wheeled mobility. Distinctions between levels are based on functional abilities, the need for assistive technology, including hand-held mobility devices (walkers, crutches, or canes) or wheeled mobility, and to a much lesser extent, quality of movement.

Europäischer Thesaurus Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde

"Sie finden hier alphabetisch und systematisch geordnete Schlagwörter (Deskriptoren), die Sie für Ihre Suche in den Portalinhalten von IREON verwenden können. Die Anzeige von Ober-, Unter- und verwandten Begriffen sowie von Synonymen (Nichtdeskriptoren) zu einem Schlagwort erleichtert die Auswahl relevanter Suchbegriffe. Der 'Europäische Thesaurus Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde' (Europäischer Thesaurus) ist ein multilingualer Thesaurus, der alle wesentlichen Aspekte des Fachgebiets 'Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde' abbildet.

"You will find here alphabetically and systematically ordered keywords (descriptors) that you can use for your search in the portal content of IREON. The display of upper, lower and related terms, as well as synonyms (non-descriptors) to a keyword, facilitates the selection of relevant ones The European Thesaurus contains about 8,200 descriptors in nine languages as well as numerous non-descriptors for each language version.