Wessex Annotated Subject Heading Index

"This annotated index to the Wessex Classification Scheme was produced primarily for cataloguers within the SWIMS Network (formerly SWRLIN) Cataloguing Co-operative. The Classification Scheme has been adopted by other library networks in the UK and is widely used. Each indexing term in the annotated index refers to a suggested classification number or numbers within the Wessex Scheme. The index, however, should never be used as a classification tool on its own.

Wessex Classification Scheme

"The Wessex Classification Scheme is a revision of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) schedules incorporating current UK medical and health practice. The scheme was originally created by the librarians of the Wessex Regional Library and Information Network (WRLIN) and is now overseen by a working group of the SWIMS Network and other users of the scheme."

Thésaurus de la transfusion sanguine

"Ce thésaurus concerne le domaine de la Transfusion sanguine et les domaines connexes. Il regroupe plus de 2000 concepts, représentés par leurs termes français et anglais et par de nombreuses variantes (synonymes, acronymes…) utilisées dans la littérature du domaine."

"This thesaurus is based on the vocabulary used in scientific publications dealing with Blood Transfusion and neighbor fields. It contains more than 2000 concepts including various variants (synonyms, acronyms) divided into a number of microthesauri where the terms are grouped around a theme or a semantic field."

Vocabulaire d'électronique et d'opto-électronique

"Vocabulaire utilisé pour l’indexation des références bibliographiques de la base de données PASCAL jusqu’en 2014, dans le domaine de l'électronique. Cette ressource comprend 4454 entrées regroupées en 19 collections."

"Vocabulary used for indexing bibliographical records dealing with “Electronics” in the PASCAL database, until 2014. This resource contains 4454 entries classified under 19 collections."

Thesaurus Onroerend Erfgoed Stijlen en Culturen

"Een thesaurus is een, meestal hiërarchische, woordenlijst die wordt gebruikt om terminologie te standaardiseren. Onze thesauri worden gebruikt om informatie te helpen indexeren en terugvinden in onze databanken. (...) We stellen onze thesauri samen met een bijzondere aandacht voor onze lokale Vlaamse situatie, zonder internationale thesauri zoals de Art & Architecture Thesaurus en de thesauri van Historic England uit het oog te verliezen."

"A thesaurus is a mostly hierarchical list of words used to standardize terminology. Our thesauri are used to index and find information in our databases. (...) We construct our thesauri with special attention to our local Flemish situation, but without losing sight of international thesauri such as the Art & Architecture Thesaurus and the thesauri of Historic England."