Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry

"The definitions used in this glossary are identical to those in the published document, see G.P. Moss Pure and Applied Chemistry, 68, 2193-2222 (1996) [Copyright IUPAC; reproduced with the permission of IUPAC]. If you use any of these definitions please cite this reference as their source. In setting up the World Wide Web version some errors have been detected. The changes have been marked by which is a link to details of the change and where it applies. (...)

This is a glossary of the more important, and most widely-used, stereochemical terms. It extends the list of those defined in the IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, Section E: Stereochemistry (Recommendations 1974) and includes some terms from the Glossary of Terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry (Recommendations 1994). Additional terms have been added from inorganic and macromolecular chemistry. Some misleading terms are included together with guidance on correct usage or acceptable alternatives.

Many of the symbols used in stereochemical nomenclature are mentioned but details of their assignment or their incorporation into chemical names are left to the appropriate recommendations. Terminology related to techniques used in the determination of stereochemistry are largely excluded as well as terms used to describe reaction mechanisms."

  • Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry
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