Australian Pictorial Thesaurus

"The Australian Pictorial Thesaurus (APT) is a hierarchical thesaurus of over 15,000 Australian subject terms for the indexing of images and other original material collections. The APT uses contemporary Australian words and phrases to describe objects, people, places, activities and concepts [depicted in an image]. The range and depth of APT terms facilitate the precise indexing of images and collections. The APT arranges terms hierarchically. This means that terms are organised within a table of linked terms. That is: terms which are similar but broader in their application; terms which are similar but narrower in their application; and terms which are related. This allows the user to move around the thesaurus by following its hyperlinks, to choose the most appropriate term.

It ensures the common description of pictorial collections across Australian libraries, museums and archives."

"The Australian Pictorial Thesaurus will no longer be available from 31 August 2015. Please refer to other indexing tools such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings and the Art and Architecture Thesaurus."

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