English Heritage Defence Of Britain Thesaurus

"Types of defensive monuments relating to the 20th century in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. English Heritage takes a leading role in setting standards for recording the built and buried heritage. By setting standards that can be adopted by everyone, we can make sure that all records are consistent. In other words, if everyone uses the same words to describe the same monument, archaeological object, building material, etc, then anyone using this common language can easily index, retrieve and understand these records. With this aim in mind, English Heritage is continually developing new thesauri to provide structure and guidelines for the standardisation of terms to be used when creating new records of the past. Now, in our drive to disseminate these standards and promote their wider use, we are making available seven separate online thesauri. A tailor-made suite of programs has been developed, which uses a database to create a series of web pages for any chosen thesaurus. These can be easily accessed using a frames-capable browser and regularly updated as new terms are submitted and approved by our Data Standards Unit."

  • English Heritage Defence Of Britain Thesaurus
  • EH Defence Of Britain Thesaurus
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