Ontology for Genetic Interval

"Using realistic ontology BFO as its top ontology's framwork, OGI formalized the genomic element by defining an upper class 'genetic interval'. The definition of 'genetic interval' is "the spatial continuous physical entity which contains ordered genomic sets(DNA, RNA, Allele, Marker,etc.) between and including two points (Nucleic Acid Base Residue) that have a liner primary sequence sturcture. It is either a proper part of an chromosome or a RNA molecule or an artificial genetic interval."

The 'genetic sequence' is also formalized in OGI, the differences between 'genetic sequence' and 'genetic interval' is that, 'genetic squence' refers to a liner sequence with only primary structure, whereas 'genetic interval' refers to the 3D sequence in reality, which has not only 3D structure, but also need to have the 'genetic sequence' as its primary structure'. From this aspect we make a distinction between a modelled sequence and a real sequence object as realm."

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