Australian Standard Geographical Classification

"The ASGC provides seven hierarchies of geographical areas. Each structure is designed to suit different statistical purposes. This edition has four current structures. The Main Structure and the Statistical Region Structure cover the whole of Australia. The Local Government Area Structure and the Statistical District Structure cover only part of Australia. The three remaining structures, Urban Centres and Localities, Section of State and Remoteness Structures, have not been included as Census Collection Districts are no longer defined. These structures are now defined in the new Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS). The ASGS has been released concurrently with the ASGC to ensure a smooth transition to the new statistical geography. The ASGS and the ASGC will both be current for 2011 however, from 1 July 2012 the ASGS will replace the ASGC. The ASGS brings all the regions for which the ABS publishes statistics within the one framework and will be used by the ABS for the collection and dissemination of geographically classified statistics progressively from 1 July 2011. The ASGS is a more comprehensive, flexible and consistent way of defining Australia's statistical geography."

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