Seattle City Clerk Thesaurus

"Subjects dealt with most completely are those having to do with the main activities of City government. For example, public works, transportation, and housing are each a main focus of City activities, so there are many terms present to permit specific indexing. Geographical concepts are also an emphasis; terms are included for most Seattle neighborhoods and for major geographic features. Topics which are included in only the briefest way (i.e. few terms) are those which only indirectly relate to Seattle City government's activities. This thesaurus consists of two main parts. The first is the subject classification, which shows the relationships between subject terms in outline form. The classification displays a hierarchical arrangement of broader and narrower terms and shows the conceptual scheme used in classifying documents. Geographic names other than those for neighborhood districts are not included in the subject classification. The second part of the thesaurus is an alphabetical list of terms. It contains both the approved subject terms and other words people commonly use to describe City activities. This part of the thesaurus gives the approved subject term to use in place of unapproved 'lead-in' words. Approved or authorized indexing terms are shown in bold type. The entry for each main term includes references to broader, narrower and related terms. Some terms also have short definitions, or scope notes. A code in the form 'AB 0123' follows each main term in the alphabetical list and precedes each term in the hierarchical subject classification. This notation allow a user to find the location of a term in the hierarchy. The thesaurus contains 1713 authorized terms and 601 lead-in or unauthorized words. The collection of terms in this thesaurus has been designed to permit clear indexing and classification of records in the Seattle City Clerk's office, but it is of limited scope."

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