Legislative Indexing Vocabulary

"Over 10,000 terms. More than half of the terms are approved indexing terms while the remainder are USE references to lead users to authorized terms. The access vocabulary has been improved with the gain of over 100 new terms over the previous edition. The format employed in this vocabulary facilitates the assignment of indexing terms to a document at the most appropriate levels of specificity or generality and from a variety of points of view. Cross references show both hierarchical and collateral relations among terms. The former provide a choice of indexing levels for many concepts, while the latter assist in leading the user to relevant indexing terms reflecting other aspects of the topic. The great variety of subject areas of research assigned to the Congressional Research Service make this indexing vocabulary a mixture of general and specific, popular and technical terminology. Current terminology is aimed for as well as an optimum degree of compatibility with Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). Collaboration with the staff of the Library's Cataloging Policy and Support Office has resulted in achieving a high degree of compatibility between the two systems, and many LIV indexing terms are found in the current edition of the LCSH and in the online and card catalogs of the Library. For use with the THOMAS Bill Summary & Status Databases prior to the 111th Congress."

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