Classification of Living and Fossil Genera of Decapod Crustaceans

"We present an updated classification for the entire Crustacea Decapoda, listing all known families and genera organized by higher taxonomic groups and including estimates of the number of species in every genus. All taxonomic names are also linked to the verified literature in which they were described, the first compilation of its kind for the Decapoda. To arrive at this compilation, we began with the classification scheme provided by Martin & Davis (2001) for extant families, updated the higher classification and included the fossil taxa. The resultant framework was then populated with the currently valid genera and an estimate of species numbers within each genus. Our resulting classification, spanning both extant (living) and fossil taxa, is the first comprehensive estimate of taxonomic diversity within the entire Decapoda. The classification consists of 233 families of decapods containing 2,725 genera and an estimated 17,635 species (including both extant and fossil species). Of the families in our classification, 53 are exclusively fossil, 109 contain both fossil and extant species, and 71 are extant only. The current estimate for extant species is 14,756, whereas 2,979 species are known exclusively as fossils."

  • Classification of Living and Fossil Genera of Decapod Crustaceans
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Created 2009
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