Al-Muqtafi Legal Thesaurus

"This Database accommodates all pieces of legislation enacted in Palestine since the mid 1900s until nowadays. The Legislation Database features all items of legislation, which were enforced in Palestine under the Ottoman rule until 1917; legislation under the British Mandate until 1948; legislation under the Egyptian Administration in the Gaza Strip as well as the Jordanian rule over the West Bank until 1967; and military orders issued by the Israeli occupation authorities from 1967 onwards. In addition, the Legislation Database contains recent pieces of legislation enacted by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), which have been published in the Palestinian Official Gazette since 1994. The Database is further upgraded on an ongoing basis.

So far, AL MUQTAFI includes approximately 13,000 pieces of legislation, collated from over a period of 150 years of Palestine's contemporary history. More than 50,000 pages of legislation are accessible to users, either to view online or to print out. Moreover, full texts of about 1,200 regulations published in the Palestinian Official Gazette are now provided on the AL MUQTAFI Databank."

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