Business Thesaurus

"The Business Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary of terms that assists in the effective searching of this business content. There are over 12,000 valid terms in the Business Thesaurus. Additionally, there are over 15,000 synonyms and non-preferred terms that lead to these preferred terms. General keyword searches interact with the Business Thesaurus as a result of the back-end processing that associates business thesaurus terms to each record. For the more advanced user, the Business Thesaurus is a feature that can be browsed alphabetically or searched by relevancy ranking. The Business Thesaurus is a subject specific thesaurus and is a sub-set of the EBSCO Publishing Comprehensive Subject Index (CSI), which is a vocabulary database of subject headings used across EBSCO databases. Originally based on the Library of Congress system of subject headings, the CSI has been revised and expanded to provide a consistent, interrelated vocabulary to describe a wide range of topics. Business Thesaurus terms are drawn from a variety of sources. CSI editors have expanded on the Library of Congress list of subject headings by reviewing current terminology from other field-specific glossaries and encyclopedias as well as from news outlets and business-related publications."

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