International Labour Organization Thesaurus

"The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work. The ILO Thesaurus contains terms on a wide variety of topics related to economic and social development. Areas of major interest to the ILO are treated in detail. These include labour and employment policy, labour standards, labour administration, labour relations, vocational training, social protection, working conditions, wages, occupational safety and health, small enterprise, the informal economy and human rights in the workplace. The ILO Thesaurus is used primarily for the content analysis of material selected for inclusion in Labordoc. Familiarity with the ILO Thesaurus makes it easier to find material in Labordoc on a specific subject. The ILO Thesaurus is also used by other departments in the ILO for indexing and retrieving their own specific or local material. Staff of the International Labour Standards Department use it to summarize the contents of major labour legislation included in their database NATLEX. A number of specialized libraries in ILO partner institutions - governments, employers' organizations, trade unions - use the ILO Thesaurus as a tool for indexing and retrieval. As well, several ILO field offices use the facet numbers in the ILO Thesaurus to arrange their collections. Editors and translators also use the ILO Thesaurus as a specialized glossary."

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