"SNORRE contains terms and definitions which have been extracted from national, European or international standards and which have been quality assured by subject specialists and linguists. Consequently, the term base provides a valuable tool for translators, technical writers and others interpreting or producing technical text. (...) The terms in SNORRE have been extracted from standards from a wide variety of standardization areas. Examples include Quality, Services, Transport, Food technology, Sports equipment and facilities, Company organization and management, Textile and leather technology, and Shipbuilding and marine structures. The majority of the terms have been extracted from translations. The database therefore comprises a vast amount of building and civil engineering terminology, as this is the standardization area in which most translations are produced. SNORRE also contains many environmental terms. (...) The term base has more than 50 000 entries and more than 200 000 terms and 30 000 definitions. SNORRE is a multilingual terminological database that contains terminology in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk and English. Many entries also include German and/or French terms. The following elements are normally to be found in a SNORRE database entry: terms and definitions, notes, sources and subject fields. (...) The SNORRE user interface enables users to make simple search requests among terms, definitions etc. in various languages. Advanced search features are also available. Furthermore, the search results page offers filter functionality that makes it possible to narrow down search results according to source, language and category (terms/definitions), as well as free text search. Users may access term lists based on subject area and lists containing all terms that have been extracted from a specific source. Moreover, the term entries are linked to a product information page where users may collect background information about the referenced sources (standards) and also get a preview of the documents (five pages). (...) SNORRE is the result of a project that was carried out in co-operation with the Language Council of Norway with financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. The main project objective was to make terminology from standards publicly accessible. The intension was to strengthen the position of the Norwegian language (Bokmål and Nynorsk) through providing the public with valuable Norwegian terminology."

"Termbasen SNORRE er utviklet av Standard Norge i samarbeid med Språkrådet og Kulturdepartementet. SNORRE inneholder fagtermer og definisjoner på bokmål, nynorsk, engelsk, tysk og fransk som er samlet i forbindelse med standardiseringsarbeid. I SNORRE finnes oppdatert og vedlikeholdt terminologi fra et bredt utvalg av områder, f.eks. sportsutstyr og -anlegg, skipsbygging og marine konstruksjoner, bedriftsorganisasjon og -ledelse, kvalitetsstyring og næringsmiddelteknologi. Hovedtyngden av termene i databasen er ekserpert fra oversatte standarder. Følgelig inneholder den mest terminologi fra områder hvor det har foregått mange oversettelsesprosjekter. Det er f.eks. oversatt mange standarder relatert til standardiseringsområdet Bygg, anlegg og eiendom. Termbasen SNORRE inneholder derfor bl.a. en betydelig mengde byggtekniske termer. Områder der det har vært oversatt få standarder, som f.eks. IKT og Petroleum, er representert i mindre grad. SNORRE inneholder terminologien fra termbasen Milterm. I databasen finner du med andre ord en stor mengde terminologi med relevans for miljøsektoren."

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Size 50 000 entries, 200 000 terms, 30 000 definitions (2016-08)
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