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"In a Pokémon's Pokédex information, the category (...) (Japanese: 分類 classification) is a name which identifies the Pokémon based on one of its defining biological characteristics. Most often, the defining traits are part of the Pokémon’s physiology, special abilities, or behavior. It was previously also known as species. (...) Because of how brief and uninformative the description of a Pokémon often is in its category, and how little the category relates to other data, it is not often regarded as an important piece of information about a Pokémon. Before Generation III, the category was shown by just seeing the Pokémon, rather than upon catching it. In Pokémon games prior to Generation III, the character limit for a category name was ten characters. This has since increased from Generation III onwards, with the longest English category name being observed to be thirteen characters long. In other languages, the longest category name is Pachirisu's German category 'Elektrohörnchen' which is 15 characters long. This includes spaces but does not include 'Pokémon'."

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