"Consistent, harmonised and easily accessible terminology is an extremely important stronghold for ensuring true multilingualism in the European Union and throughout the world. From EU legislation and trade to the needs and mobility of every EU citizen, terminology is the key for easy, fast and reliable communications. However, new EU member countries face the issue of terminology resource fragmentation across different institutions, inconsistency and lack of coordination in terminology development, as well as structural and technical incompatibility.

The EuroTermBank project results in a centralized online terminology bank for languages of new EU member countries interlinked to other terminology banks and resources. Although EuroTermBank is addressed directly towards Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, the project is open to other new EU member states and interested countries and organizations outside EU. It also enables exchange of terminology data with existing national and EU terminology databases by establishing cooperative relationships, aligning methodologies and standards, designing and implementing data exchange mechanisms and procedures."

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