CHIN Humanities Data Dictionary

The CHIN Data Dictionaries contain a description of database fields for museum collection and archaeological site management and documentation. Each data field in the CHIN Data Dictionaries is described by a field label, a mnemonic, a name, a definition, entry rules, related fields, a data type, examples, a discipline, and a source. The CHIN Data Dictionaries are used: as the standard for Canadian institutions that contribute collections data to CHIN's Artefacts Canada, as guidelines for institutions which are developing or modifying a collections management system and to help cataloguers record information consistently, or to help users of collections databases with search strategies. The Canadian Heritage Information Network's Humanities Data Dictionary consists of 654 fields for collections in history, ethnology, archaeological specimens, and fine and decorative arts.

  • CHIN Humanities Data Dictionary
  • Dictionnaire de donnĂ©es des sciences humaines du RCIP
  • Complete CHIN Humanities Data Dictionary
  • Canadian Heritage Information Network's Data Dictionaries for the Humanities
  • Canadian Heritage Information Network's Humanities Data Dictionary
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