Classification of administrative districts

- Systematic preparation of regional statistics by coding administrative districts nationwide according to administrative system and administrative order

- Regional statistical data is not only used to enhance comparability but also to refer to administrative work.

- The administrative districts across the country are classified into three categories: large (city, province), middle (Gu, city, county), and small (eup, myeon, dong) and each level of classification is assigned a code, and the jurisdiction is specified.

-전국의 행정구역을 행정체계 및 행정순위에 따라 부호화하여 지역통계의 체계적 작성

-지역통계 자료 비교성 제고뿐만 아니라 행정업무 수행 참고 자료로 활용

-전국의 행정구역을 대분류(시·도), 중분류(구·시·군), 소분류(읍·면 ·동)의 3분류 단계로 분류하고 각 분류 단계마다 부호를 부여하고 관할 구역 명기 구역 명기

  • Classification of administrative districts
  • 한국행정분류
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