Classification of Ocean and fishery industry

The existing special classification of fisheries in operation is expanded to special classification of marine fisheries in order to analyze the structure of the marine industry and understand the basic status such as market size, prepare national statistics related to marine fisheries, and support policies.

- inclusion of secondary outputs processed as inputs from the results of collection, capture, form, collection and extraction of marine and fishery resources;

- Include inputs mainly used in the production of primary and secondary outputs related to the marine fisheries industry.

- Activities to provide goods and services necessary for the protection, preservation, development, management, leisure, sports, etc. of marine fishery resources are included.

해양산업 및 수산업 부문의 구조 분석, 시장 규모 등 기초 현황 파악, 해양수산업 관련 국가통계작성 및 정책지원을 위해 기존 운영 중인 수산업 특수분류를 해양수산업 특수분류로 확대 개정

- 해양수산자원 채취·포획·양식·채집·추출 결과 산출물(1차 산출물), 1차 산출물을 투입물로 가공한 2차 산출물 포함

- 해양수산업 관련 1,2차 산출물 생산에 주로 사용되는 투입물을 포함

- 해양수산자원 보호·보존·개발·관리·레저·스포츠 등에 필요한 재화 생산 및 서비스를 제공하는 활동 포함

  • Classification of Ocean and fishery industry
  • 해양수산업분류
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