e-Science Thesaurus

"The e-Science Thesaurus is a resource that supports and provides direction to the health sciences and science and technology library community by exploring the terminology, literature, and resources that describe and inform librarians about patron instruction, collection development, and research services related to e-Science and research data management principles and practice. The Thesaurus strives to describe the concepts, services, tools and resources required to create, curate, preserve and disseminate digital scholarship. (...) Through the NER’s e-Science Portal, the e-Science Thesaurus serves as a resource to provide an educational reference for health sciences and science and technology librarians wanting to explore e-Science, research data management and digital scholarship activities. The objective of this project is to inform the library community about emerging roles and services in e-Science and research data management by introducing vocabulary terms, formative literature, and relevant resources concerning these topics. Through this effort, the Thesaurus aspires to be a resource that will provide health sciences librarians with the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge about e-Science, research data management, and digital scholarship in order to become familiar with and implement these activities into their own professional practice."

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