Fintech Taxonomy

"Fintech is a broad category describing an entire market. And it’s quite hard to try and get your head around this rapidly evolving market. But knowing the landscape can have great advantages:

• If you are just starting out, it will give you a good idea of what’s working and what is not, and more importantly, which segment provides the opportunity for fastest growth;

• If you are already a Fintech pioneer, then knowing the landscape will help you explore market gaps for expansion or diversification;

• You will have a much better handle on new and emerging competitors, threatening your business model; and

• If you are an incumbent player, then knowledge of the landscape will help you identify acquisition or joint venture partnering opportunities, as a way to entering or getting exposure to the exciting world of


To make sense of this market and for your benefit, we have already started to map out the Fintech landscape, or Fintech taxonomy, as there just isn’t enough information out there. (...)

The map is divided across seven distinct functional lines covering the entire financial services landscape. The World Economic Forum research identified the first five and we added the last two categories to include suppliers and intermediaries."

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