USHIK Metadata Registry

"The United States Health Information Knowledgebase (USHIK) is a computer-based metadata registry system that implements the specifications of the multi-part international standard ISO/IEC-11179, 'Specification and Standardization of Data Elements', and the American National Standard X3.285, 'Metadata for the Management of Shareable Data'. These complementary and mutually correlated standards specify the conceptual framework for computer-based registries of data elements and their metadata attributes. These registries maintain a consistent record of the metadata specifications for the semantics of the individual data elements.<br />

Effective management of the meaning (or semantics) of data assets and associated terminology is essential for assuring the consistency and coherence of information stored in and shared between databases, and for accurately characterizing and communicating the contextual factors that are needed to assure the unambiguous interpretation of the data that is communicated. The systematic specification of the meaning of each data element is achieved through the registration of the metadata attributes of each data element. Data element concept metadata registration is an effective and internationally standardized methodology for managing the meaning of data assets, and thereby achieving consistency in the interpretation of the data.<br />

The initial startup of USHIK provides basic metadata registry operations to the Health Informatics Standards Board (HISB) Standard Development Organizations (SDO) membership. Procedures are evolving to achieve metadata registry content consistency."

Type terminology repository
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