DoD Data Services Environment

"The DoD Data Services Environment contains the structural and semantic metadata artifacts critical to successful development, operation, and maintenance of existing and future capabilities that support the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy. Its goal is to simplify the publication and discovery of data services that facilitate information sharing across the Department of Defense.<br />

The Data Services Environment provides a one stop access to DoD data source directories to improve search, access, consistency, and integration of data services as well as to increase collaboration amongst data producers and consumers.<br />

DSE promotes this vision by:

• Acting as a key enabler to make data 'visible, accessible, and understandable'.<br />

• Providing greater data visibility and accessibility by implementing an Enterprise service.<br />

• Streamlining search and access; providing a set of tools to register and discover data services across the Department.

Users within the DoD Enterprise can discover and leverage various enterprise service offerings, they can discover the authoritative data sources that fulfill their data needs. Developers can locate information in such as service offers, service specifications, and taxonomical information, and they can readily reuse these existing entities to save time and avoid duplication of effort."

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