IF4IT Inventory of Taxonomies

"This document acts as a "Master Index," "Inventory," or "Framework" for IF4IT Taxonomies. Please keep in mind that, both, this inventory and its contents are constantly evolving.<br />

In short, a Taxonomy represents a structured grouping of terms and/or phrases, that act as categories or types and that allow a person or a system to classify things.<br />

Taxonomies are used by IT Professionals for many reasons, ranging from things as simple as being used as controlled vocabularies for standardization of language and communications to things as complex as the seeding of software systems that use them as behavioral rules and even for the synthesis of other solutions. Audit and Compliance organizations will often use such Taxonomies as frameworks for identifying auditable areas and for guiding what to look for and evaluate during such audits.<br />

NOTE: As per the definition of a Taxonomy, which can be found in the Foundation's IT Glossary there is no single appropriate representation or standard for how Taxonomies should be represented. For example, some may be linear lists, others may be hierarchical, and so on. The IF4IT acknowledges that there may be other representations which may be of use to you, your enterprise, or your organization, and we invite and even urge you to explore any and all options in your search for the representation which is most appropriate for you and your stakeholders. The taxonomies in this inventory are intended to leverage multiple representations and will, therefore, use whatever representation make sense for any related discipline or topic area, given our own approaches and attempts to classify and organize IF4IT content."

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