IUPAC Compendium of Polymer Terminology and Nomenclature

"The IUPAC system of polymer nomenclature has aided the generation of unambiguous names that reflect the historical development of chemistry. However, the explosion in the circulation of information and the globalization of human activities mean that it is now necessary to have a common language for use in legal situations, patents, export-import regulations, and environmental health and safety information. Rather than recommending a 'unique name' for each structure, rules have been developed for assigning 'preferred IUPAC names', while continuing to allow alternatives in order to preserve the diversity and adaptability of nomenclature.

This new edition of the 'Purple Book' (...) collects into a single volume the most important papers on the nomenclature and terminology of most polymers, including Regular Single-Strand Organic Polymers, Regular Double-Strand (Ladder and Spiro) Organic Polymers, and Irregular Single-Strand Organic Polymers. The scope has been extended to include papers on terminology for polymers. It is a handy compendium for scientists and is invaluable for those professionals working in this field."

  • IUPAC Compendium of Polymer Terminology and Nomenclature
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