Wessex Annotated Subject Heading Index

"This annotated index to the Wessex Classification Scheme was produced primarily for cataloguers within the SWIMS Network (formerly SWRLIN) Cataloguing Co-operative. The Classification Scheme has been adopted by other library networks in the UK and is widely used. Each indexing term in the annotated index refers to a suggested classification number or numbers within the Wessex Scheme. The index, however, should never be used as a classification tool on its own. It is essential that the actual schedules are checked to ensure that the context of the given classification number is appropriate for the document in hand. For example, TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS, originally a psychotherapeutic technique used for mental disorder, is now used in a number of other settings and it would be inappropriate to classify these in the Psychiatry Schedules. The terminology used in the annotated index is based on the NLM Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), and the tree structure in which it sits is indicated below the heading (e.g. L1)."

  • Wessex Annotated Subject Heading Index
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