INIS/ETDE Thesaurus

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"It contains a total of 30 741 descriptors, of which 22 064 are valid descriptors and 8677 are forbidden terms. The INIS/ETDE Thesaurus contains the controlled terminology for indexing all information within the subject scopes of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE). The terminology is intended for use in subject descriptions for input or retrieval of information in these systems. The terminology in this thesaurus has its origin in the 1969 edition of the EURATOM Thesaurus. The structure subsequently given to that terminology was the result of a systematic study performed by subject specialists at the INIS Secretariat and several Member States. Further expansion of the thesaurus terminology was done by ETDE to incorporate information on all forms of energy."

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INIS/ETDE Thesaurus
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
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