Land Portal Resource Types

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"The Land Portal's Land Library contains highly curated metadata of over 20,000 land-related publications, articles and multimedia. The Land Portal aggregates this metadata from over 20 different sources, in addition to the resources that are added by users manually.
In order to combine these different databases that the Land Portal harvests metadata from, the Land Portal has needed to consolidate certain elements from these different databases to fit one standardized metadata structure in the Land Portal's Land Library.
One of the elements in metadata about resources that the Land Portal curates, is the type of resource. Many organizations and information providers use different terminologies to describe the types of resources they publish. The Land Portal has therefore created several broad categories of resource types, to be able to consolidate these various classifications.
Below you can find the list of resource types the Land Portal uses, along with a short description of what is meant with each category."

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Land Portal Resource Types
8 main categories (2018-03)
Land Portal Foundation
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