FIBO Vocabulary

"The FIBO vocabulary is distributed using the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS). (...) The FIBO Vocabulary uses SKOS to provide a machine-readable dictionary of the FIBO terminology. (...) The FIBO Vocabulary is distributed as a machine-readable file in which the FIBO class hierarchy is rendered as a tree strucutre of broader and narrower terms. Properties in FIBO appear as properties in the FIBO vocabulary. Logical restrictions relating pairs of FIBO classes are rendered as simple relationships between corresponding concepts in FIBO Vocabulary. The FIBO Vocabulary therefore does not reflect the full richness of the FIBO Ontologies, and is provided to support knowledge organization applications that do not require the full logic of FIBO.

The FIBO Vocabulary machine-readable files are intended to provide input to a range of tools, usually characterized as Glossary or Vocabulary tools. These tools are generally used to provide further business-facing presentations of the content of these files."

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Created 2017
URI http://bartoc.org/en/node/18675
Homepage https://spec.edmcouncil.org/static/vocabulary/
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