LIDO Terminology Identifier Type

"The LIDO Terminology refers to LIDO – Lightweight Information Describing Objects, the XML Schema for contributing content to cultural heritage repositories, provided by the CIDOC LIDO Working Group.

It complements the LIDO v1.0 specification and is intended to further enhance the interoperability of LIDO data across different collections by introducing controlled type vocabularies for certain LIDO elements and attributes.

The LIDO Terminology is committed to the Linked Open Data paradigm by making each LIDO Term referenceable through a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). It is recommended best practice to use the URI from the terminology.lido-schema.org/ namespace to indicate the type of a LIDO element or attribute. The primary objective of this practice is to support data providers in adapting or mapping their data structures to LIDO, thus facilitating the processing of LIDO data for service providers, increasing the interoperability of LIDO data, and supporting information retrieval across different collections.

Work on the LIDO Terminology is carried out, on behalf of the CIDOC LIDO Working Group, by the LIDO Terminology Working Group: a joint effort of the Working Group Data Exchange‒Special Interest Group Documentation of the German Museums Association and the Working Group 'Data' of the German Digital Library."

"The type attribute of the LIDO Identifier Complex Type element qualifies the type of identifier used. Identifiers are assigned codes that are used to reference the resource being identified. Their scope may be either locally or globally unique and within that scope enable establishing comparison of equality. This vocabulary provides values for the type attribute of the following LIDO identifier elements: Published Object Identifier, LIDO Metadata Record-ID, Actor Identifier, Concept Identifier, Description/Descriptive Note Identifier, Event Identifier, Legal Body ID, Object Identifier, Place Identifier, Record Info ID, Record ID, Resource Identification Number."

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