SIFR BioPortal

"Besides the existence of various English tools and platforms, there are considerably less terminologies and ontologies available in French and there is a strong lack of easy to use an open related tools and services to exploit them. This lack does not match the huge amount of biomedical data produced in French, especially in the clinical world (e.g., electronic health records). The SIFR BioPortal, is an open semantic web-oriented platform to host French biomedical ontologies and terminologies based on the technology developed by the US National Center for Biomedical Ontology (<a href=""></a>) and customized for French (BioPortal version 4.24) . The portal facilitates use and fostering of ontologies by offering a set of services (search, mappings, metadata, versioning, visualization, recommendation), including for annotation purposes, which was the original motivation of the SIFR project as originally supported by French ANR."

Services (API)
Created 2017
Type terminology service
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