Particle Aspect Ratio

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"This file contains the CGI Particle Aspect Ratio vocabulary, as defined by the IUGS Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI) Geoscience Terminology Working Group. AspectRatio describes the geometry of particles based on the ratios of lengths of long, intermediate and short axes of grains. Equates to sphericity in sedimentary rocks (ie: the degree to which the shape of a particle approximates a sphere). A quantitative specification is based on the ratio of lengths of long, intermediate and short axes of grain shape (Sneed and Folk, 1958; Zingg, 1935). This vocabulary includes terms for specifying average shape of some collection of particles.(eg: prolate, slightly flattened, very bladed, equant, acicular, tabular). Numeric shape values from Sneed and Folk (1958) are best understood by looking at the pictures of particles with the different shapes there and in Pettijohn et al. (1972). By extension, this vocabulary includes all concepts in this conceptScheme, as well as concepts in any previous versions of the scheme."

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Particle Aspect Ratio
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CGI Geoscience Terminology Working Group
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