NCC MERP Taxonomy of Medication Errors

"This document provides a standard taxonomy of medication errors to be used in combination with systems analysis in recording and tracking of medication errors. It is not intended to assess blame. The document is not all-inclusive, but can be expanded as new issues arise. The purpose of this taxonomy is to provide a standard language and structure of medication error-related data for use in developing databases analyzing medication error reports. (...)

The effectiveness of the taxonomy, and the resulting analysis of medication error reports, is dependent upon the amount and the quality of the data collected through medication error reports. For optimum application of the taxonomy, include as much information as possible in the instrument. However, if all the information described in the taxonomy is not collected, the information that is available should be categorized as shown in the taxonomy."

  • NCC MERP Taxonomy of Medication Errors
  • National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention Taxonomy of Medication Errors
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