Lesbian Herstory Archives Subject Files

"Our 1,569 fascinating Subject Files fill the drawers of four, five drawer horizontal file cabinets plus overflow boxes. Think of these files as 'Lesbians and…'. The first file is 'Abortion' and the last is 'Youth'. In between are such topics as 'African-Ancestral Lesbians', 'Bars', 'Health Care', 'Marriage', 'Music Festivals', 'Publishers', 'Religion', 'Theatre', and 'Violence'. We have a complete listing of these files with cross-referencing plus a thesaurus to help you locate information related to your interest.

Each file contains an assortment of papers – flyers, legal briefs, photocopies of newspaper articles, copies of the table of contents of books, event programs, and so on. When a particular topic, for e.g. 'Theatre' has a large number of file folders which are full to the brim, we move the overflow to large boxes stored upstairs. Subject files give you a good introduction to, and overview of a topic and point you towards other parts of the Archives’ collections if you want more depth."

  • Lesbian Herstory Archives Subject Files
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