Incluseum Metadata Schema

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"Over the last three years of our work with the Incluseum, we’ve thought, written, and talked extensively of the power of words. (...) Working through the medium of the blog, however, we became dissatisfied with our ad-hoc and fractured way of organizing content. In other words, related content has not been systematically categorized and labelled as to make their relations visible. Moreover, we were concerned that our simple buckets (e.g., 'race/racism', 'gender', etc.) did not accurately capture how we wanted to be referring to the content in our blogposts. To address this situation, we partnered with Gabbie Barnes and Becca Fronczak, both students in the University of Washington’s Master in Library and Information Science program. They used their skills to develop a metadata schema for The Incluseum blog. A metadata schema helps create a standard for how things (i.e., information resources) should be described within a particular context to enhance user access. Here, their goal was also to ensure that the metadata schema would match The Incluseum’s values."

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Incluseum Metadata Schema
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The Incluseum
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WA, United States