Marine Metadata Interoperability (Ontology Registry and Repository [ORR])

The Marine Metadata Interoperability project1, originally funded by National Science Foundation grants, initiated development of the Ontology Registry and Repository. The Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) is a web application and service to create, update, access, and map ontologies and their terms. Funding for the latest modifications to the ORR software has been provided by the EarthCube X-DOMES Project2.

"To promote the exchange, integration and use of marine data through enhanced data publishing, discovery, documentation and accessibility.

Marine scientists face an opportunity and a challenge in the volume of data available from various ocean observing systems. The Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) Project can help make it easier for you to find, access, and use other data sets. If you create marine science data sets, MMI can help make your data easier to advertise, distribute, reuse, and combine with other data sets. Our goal is to promote collaborative research in the marine science domain, by simplifying the incredibly complex world of metadata into specific, straightforward guidance. MMI hopes to encourage scientists and data managers at all levels to apply good metadata practices from the start of a project, by providing the best advice and resources for data management. MMI maintains this website to foster communication and collaboration among its hundreds of members, and provides forums for discussion of diverse topics related to marine data management."

Type terminology registry
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